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The Garden Journal

Sep 11, 2021

Arborist and horticulturist Tracy Neal in conversation with host Christine Salem on what climate change means for trees in the Santa Fe area.

Part 1 aired on August 14  and covers what climate changes we are seeing here and what is predicted for the future and how these new climate realities are and will impact our trees.

Part 2 covers specific advice about what we can do for our trees in the face of climate change: what we can do to keep our trees healthy; how to select trees to plant now that will be resilient in the climate of the future; what we can do to develop tree varieties that will survive and thrive as climate change continues apace.


Tracy Neal has worked with trees since 1973 and in 2000 he became a certified arborist. He has been learning about and observing climate change here since the 1990’s. A long-time member of the Municipal Tree Board, he is very concerned with the health of the urban forest in Santa Fe.

This program is the Santa Fe Extension Master Gardener edition of the Garden Journal, a weekly radio program that focuses on gardening and environmental issues in northern New Mexico.

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