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The Garden Journal

Jan 30, 2021

Jannine Cabossel, the Tomato Lady, joins host Christine Salem to look at what we can be doing next month in our vegetable gardens.

In the program, Jannine reviews all the many varieties of vegetables she grew in 2020. Find out what worked well or not so much. Just in time to get your seed orders in for spring planting.

These are proven favorites that I grow every year:

LETTUCE-SPRING-Santoro, Winter Density, Yugoslavian Red, Blushed Butter, Oakleaf
LETTUCE-SUMMER-Batavian (resist bolting) Magenta, Cardinale, Nevada, Skyphos
BEETS-Craupadine, Cylindra, Chioggia, Yellow
CHARD-Golden chard, Rhubarb chard
CARROTS-Atomic Red, Cosmic Purple
POTATOES- fingerling potatoes/died
CUCUMBERS-Boothby Blonde,Parisian, Poona Kheera
SUMMER SQUASH-Friulana (yellow warty zucchini)
WINTER SQUASH-Waltham Butternut
BEANS- GREEN-Emerite-french filet
BEANS-DRY-Casal di Panzariedd (maroon/white), Rosa di Lucca (pink/maroon stripes), Zolphino (little sulphur yellow bean)
KALE-Russian Red, Toscano (Nero, blck
CORN-Peaches and Cream
PEPPERS-Jimmy Nardello, Lava Red, Corno di Rosso, Shishito


TOMATOES- I tested some new varieties. I liked some better than others. H means Hybrid.

purple calabash – not so good

brandywine –I had good luck this year, usually brandywine is not a success.

mushroom basket – no, too fluted

BKX – this is a variety of Black Krim. Poor production.

Goldmans Italian American – love!

big zac-H—love!
goliath-H –yes!
lucky cross – top favorite year after year

black cherry H-- prolific!
egg yolk-died – meh, Sungold is just as good

cherokee green-- ok

cherokee lemon --ok

cherokee purple – a top favorite, year after year

Cherokee Carbon-H – Yes. Great production

Paul Robeson – perennial favorite—try it

Virginia Sweet -- excellent

Ananas Noire – black, nothing special

Pantano Romanesco – late mature; not appropriate for our short season

Captain Lucky—Yes!
Large Barr Boar – fantastic!

black n brown boar –yes!

Pink Berkley Tie Dye – after trialing for several years, I won’t be growing again

moby-dwarf trial-- This is a wonderful larger yellow cherry tomato. Wonderfully intense flavor. I was involved 2 years ago growing this out for Craig Lehouiller, author of Epic Tomatoes. I found some of the plants I grew had a anthocyanin blush (purple blush) on its shoulders so I’m continuing to see if we can get this trait to stabilize for future generations. The plant is only 4 feet tall, very prolific and would be great in large pots as well in the ground as I do. You can get the original seeds now online at Victory Seeds. A must try.  63 days to harvest. 

More extensive commentary on her 2020 tomato trials on Jannine’s blog.

Jannine blogs at

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