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The Garden Journal

Dec 10, 2022

The Santa Fe Extension Master Gardener Edition: Guests Deborah Madison ad Marika Pineda join hosts Alexa Bradford and Christine Salem to share their favorite gardening and environmental books for holiday gift giving.


All the books mentioned on the program, and some we didn’t get to, are listed here. If your local bookstore does not carry them, try and they’ll have it and will donate part of the proceeds to your local bookshop.


Deborah Madison

Renowned Bay Area Chef, Master Gardener, and award-winning Author of 12 cookbooks and one memoir, Deborah Madison lives, gardens, and writes in northern NM. She has been active in the Slow food movement, Seed Savers Exchange, Southwest Grassfed Livestock Alliance, among others. She is actively involved in issues of biodiversity, gardening, sustainable agriculture and is a heritage grain enthusiast.


Marika Pineda

MP has a background in creative writing and technical editing, and is a reference librarian at the Southside branch of Santa Fe Public Library. She is a Master Gardener (class of 2021) and Master Naturalist (class of 2022), and coordinates book clubs for both of those organizations.


This program is the  Santa Fe Extension Master Gardener edition of the Garden Journal, a weekly radio program that focuses on gardening and environmental issues in northern New Mexico.

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