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The Garden Journal

Sep 24, 2022

Jannine Cabossel, The Tomato Lady, shares tips and techniques for backyard vegetable gardening and a to-do list for October. 
Jannine Cabossel, the Tomato Lady, joins host Christine Salem to look at what we can be doing next month in our vegetable gardens. Jannine blogs at


Sep 10, 2022

Rolf Schmidt-Petersen, Director, and Ali Effati, Colorado River Basin Bureau Chief, with the  NM Interstate Stream Commission join co-hosts Christine Salem and Alexa Bradford to discuss how the severely depleted Colorado River reservoirs will affect New Mexico. Learn more about the work of the ISC here.


This program...

Sep 3, 2022

Lissa Johnson and Nina Rosenberg interview the three farmers on the Slow Food Santa Fe September 14th farm tour: Astrid Yankosky and Osiris Nasnan, The Vagabond Farmers, Don Bustos, Santa Cruz Farm and Greenhouses, and Sirivishnu Khalsa, Khalsa Family Farm.