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The Garden Journal

Jan 28, 2019

SFFMI's Program Director Melissa Willis & Farm to Table and the NM Food & Ag Policy Council's Pam Roy. Discussion about Farm & Foods Day at the Legislature

Stephanie Cameron, Publisher, Edible Magazine, discussing Chefs Collaborative New Mexico.

The first installment of the new monthly Santa Fe Farmers Market Institute episode of The Garden Journal. The SFFMI program airs the third Saturday of each month. Host Carrie Core interviews a wide variety of guests to broaden our perspective on food, farming, and food policy. The broadcasts are live from the Farmers Market at the Railyard each Saturday at 10. 

This program is a community service of the Santa Fe Farmers Market Institute in partnership with the Santa Fe Extension Master Gardeners.More podcasts here.

Carrie Core is the Office and Volunteer Coordinator at the Santa Fe
Farmers' Market Institute. She has been a long time advocate for
healthy food and farms and has hosted and produced community radio
programming for over a decade. From
her days as a child exploring in her grandmother's backyard garden in
South Carolina trying to avoid "that big mean rooster", to receiving a
certification in organic and sustainable agriculture she has been
adamant about her belief in the power of food to create community.
She says one of the things that brings her great joy is watching a
seed burst through the soil.
Contact Info:
(505) 983-7726 ext. 0