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The Garden Journal

Jan 14, 2023

On today’s program, we are talking about food sovereignty global corporate food systems with Indra Shekhar Singh, an independent agri-policy analyst from India and who is visiting the US on a lecture tour to raise awareness of the farmers’ revolution in India and global agrarian movements.


Indra Shekhar Singh is an independent agri-policy analyst, writer and Host/Creator of the Wire’s agri-talk show Krishi ki Baat/ Farm Talks. He also served as director for policy and outreach for the National Seed Association of India.

Apart from contributing to various national and international media organisations, Indra has travelled over hundreds of villages across India working with farmers on regenerative agriculture & seed sovereignty. He has delivered over 200 lectures on agro-ecology, environment and agrarian politics globally. These include invitations by the International Labour Organisation, universities, international seed and farmers’ forums, etc.
He has published over 500 articles on environment, agriculture and politics for various media platforms like Civileats, The Wire, Firstpost, etc and often invited for various news debates on agrarian issues.

Indra in his early twenties was mentored by Dr Vandana Shiva and worked as the campaign manager and media spokesperson for Navdanya. He continues to save seeds and is also an urban food-gardener.  


This program is the  Santa Fe Extension Master Gardener edition of the Garden Journal, a weekly radio program that focuses on gardening and environmental issues in northern New Mexico.

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